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About Us

Heliantheae Ltd. is a new company established in the summer of 2017. A new arrival as we are, we nevertheless proudly have more than 20 years of experience in phytotherapy and alternative medicine. We are a family company, and our experience comes from Nadezhda Grigorova, PhD, a professional with an extensive career in holistic medicine and an impressive record of thousands of cured patients from all over the world. She is also an educator with many professionals following her training programs and an author of three books in the area of alternative medicine, translated in more than 20 languages and in great demand.

More information about Dr. Nadezhda Grigorova is available here.

The scope of business of Heliantheae Ltd. is manufacturing and distribution of herbal tinctures (alcoholic extracts), herbal food products, and herbal beauty products with healing properties, as well as mineral salts, proven to have helped the thousands of patients who sought our assistance. Prior to the establishment of Heliantheae Ltd., Dr. Grigorova would prescribe the herbal and mineral products, and then each patient would seek to either prepare those at home or obtain them elsewhere. Both for patient convenience and for best results, Heliantheae Ltd. took up the task of manufacturing and releasing on the market at large the herbal and mineral products with best proven healing properties among patients.

Our products have been already tried by many people, yet the market is dynamic and it is increasingly difficult to find herbs and minerals in their natural state. We at Heliantheae Ltd. are uncompromising with respect to the starting materials of our products. We use no surrogates, additives, coloring agents, stabilizers or any other substances of laboratory origin. The manufacturing technology of each product is scrutinized closely, as are the ingredients in the precise proportions, storage, labeling, and distribution. Also the quality and properties of our products will be sustained regardless of demand and dynamics of the markets for herbs and minerals. Our products are prepared and will continue to be prepared in the same way as our great-grandmothers used to do that. We believe that modern technologies in herbal medicine are more of an obstacle than an enabler to the process of healing. The products with the Heliantheae Ltd. brand are not seeking profit, and we would appeal to all of our distributors not to put their retail prices up.

As our products are made entirely of natural herbs (not extracts or any chemical compounds imitating the basic substances of herbs), they are suitable for all ages. Information on dosage and other details are provided in the leaflet of each product.

We would be most happy to respond to any questions you may have.

You can reach us through the contact details and the form available here.

Анна Петрова A. Petrova - Commercial Director