Clinical Case with Non-healing Wound

One simple fall and a seemingly non-serious wound can bring a lot more trouble than we would think possible. The reason is that when we have a wound dressed, no one expects that we might have developed intolerance to some dressing material or supply.

This clinical case is from the practice of Dr. Grigorova. We believe it is a very good example of the consequences of applying some widely used disinfectants and antiseptics.

When M. G. (45) came to me, it was an emergency. She explained that the wound on her leg would not heal. It would instead get worse and worse affecting the entire organism. The patient was febrile on arrival. In July 2018 she fell at work, from a height not more than a meter. Yet she injured badly the medial part of her tibia. The severe bruise was checked by a doctor who decided that no surgical intervention was necessary. However, one week later a big swelling on the leg appeared from an internal purulent hematoma. The patient also had fever. She again went to see a specialist. M. G. could not even step on this foot, let alone walk.

Traditional treatment

The specialist referred her to a surgeon. The woman underwent surgery, with drainage and dressing. Jodacept was applied. The patient stayed in hospital for a week. During the hospitalization the patient was administered more Jodacept, Oxycort, and hydrogen peroxide (externally), and an antibiotic through systemic administration. Same medication for topical use (Jodacept, Oxycort, and hydrogen peroxide) was prescribed upon discharge. The patient would strictly come as outpatient to have her wound tended and dressed at the health center. Two weeks after the surgery the patient noticed a big swelling at the wound, along with reddening and painful rash. The wound not heal, and the rash got more severe. Later on black tissue appeared on the open wound, and there was pus discharge every time the leg got upright. The patient several times asked that her medication for the dressing be changed but this never happened. For two months things increasingly worsened.

Clinical Case with Non-healing Wound – First Visit

Non healing wound first visit
First visit
Non healing wound first visit
First visit

The patient came to me at this stage. The bioresonance test I administered showed that the patient was intolerant towards the Jodacept and Oxycort used to treat the wound. The test demonstrated need for Magnesium Detox® internally and dressing with Rivanol, as well as lavage with smoke tree infusion. Two weeks thereafter due to this treatment the wound healed and no dressing was needed any more. However, in October the patient needed to accompany a hospitalized family member. She would stay immobilized for hours there. As a result of this her wound reopened and inflammation recurred.

The second bioresonance test was administered on November 16. It revealed infection with Enterococcus Faecalis. The following was prescribed orally:

Homeopathic mixture against Enterococcus Faecalis;

CellFood® drops.

Following numerous tests of different means for wound treatment the most suitable solution for this patient was identified. She had to clean the wound with the following:

Swedish Bitter;


Herbal tincture of betony (Betonica Officinalis).

It again took two weeks for the wound to heal. Since then the patient had no more problems with this wound.

Results on second visit

Non healing wound after treatment
After the treatment
Non healing wound after treatment
After the treatment

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