Clinical Case with problematic skin

We would like to present a clinical case with problematic skin of a young girl from the practice of Homeopath Eng. Elena Dineva.

M. R. was 24 years old. Six years earlier she relocated from a moderate to subtropical climate zone, and her skin condition deteriorated since. She started first having small pimples on the soft areas and her face and then, over just a few months, things got worse. She saw several skin specialists, including ones in expensive European clinics; she had numerous tests and tried to get rid of the problems with the most expensive medicated cosmetic products available on the market.

Young girl with skin problem
Young girl with skin problem

Despite her efforts, diagnoses and compliance with diets, things did not improve. M. R. at the beginning believed that the problems were caused by the food and water she ate and drank, hence the dramatic change in eating /she tried hunger to get healed, she used only spring and mineral water, even for washing and brushing teeth/. Again, nothing helped. Here is her letter to us.


I have been having skin problems for some 5-years; I saw many doctors, with no success.
Same time last year (February 2018), I started gaining a lot of weight, from 53 to 63 kg. I tried all diets, made a lot of efforts and ate nothing for 2-3 days a week, but my weight would not go down.
The skin of my face got worse and worse; I had pimples all over it, and nothing helped. I would swell – my whole face would swell – the eyes, my whole body; I would retain water and had uncontrollable appetite for sweet things; I never experienced anything like this in my entire life.

In April I got infected with genital herpes, with the most severe manifestation; I had strong fever and blisters and ulcers all over my body.
I thought everything would resolve but I was wrong. After the first outbreak others followed – a second, a third, a tenth one.

I would have eruptions very often – 3-4 times a month. New eruptions would appear before old ones would go away. Doctors would tell me: ‘This is normal!’ and would prescribe more medicines. I would take them in handfuls every day – I maybe had all antibiotics known to humankind!
I had big swelling of the lymph node in the groin on the right and it would never go away. And it hurt terribly, of course. I had tons of vitamins, pills, syrups, sprays, globules, all kinds of teas and herbal remedies etc. – I would desperately grasp at straws and persevered in the hope that I would get better. But there were no lasting results.
I simply knew there was something else that contributed to those frequently recurring problems. I ate properly, I took all the vitamins, but to no avail.

Now problem-free skin again
Now problem-free skin

Once conventional treatment fails

Once I came across the book by Hulda Clark. I started reading a lot about parasites and was sure I had something. I started having enemas, eating only vegetables, fruit and all kinds of raw food. I cut meat from my diet altogether. I never had soda drinks – just water, teas and freshly squeezed juices.

One day I was with a friend and she mentioned a woman by the name of Elena, who had a piece of equipment that made measurements to detect parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus and all kinds of things causing harm to our bodies. I was sure this was the way, this was the key for me to get well.
When I went to see Elena, I was 58-59 kg. She did some measurements and discovered a tapeworm in the big intestine.

Also herpes virus and Epstein-Barr virus. I got prescribed some drops (herbal drops – Para-7®), which I took three times daily. First the big swelling of lymph nodes resolved. Then I started releasing all the water that my body retained. My sleep got well; I recovered my lost sense of smell.

The patient during an examination
The patient during an examination

I decided to go for healing hunger in order to get rid of all the things that should not be there. I would drink freshly squeezed beet root, lemon and orange juice and water, strictly nothing else.
I started feeling very well; I defecated regularly every day. I could see my weight going down. I lost 4-5 kg in 8 days.
On the third day of the hunger I say my face skin visibly improve; I took regularly the drops and complied diligently with all procedures.

Rope worm
Rope worm
Left - Rope worm, Right - Tapeworm
Left – Rope worm, Right – Tapeworm
Tapeworm and rope worm intertwined
Tapeworm and rope worm intertwined
Rope worm
Rope worm


I had enemas. I wanted so much something sweet. I could feel something in my body was dying and wanted food to survive; but I would not cave in.
I said to myself that I was stronger than it. And so it was. On the eight day in the morning the most unexpected thing happened. These creatures left my body.

I go on; I think there are still other things I have to get relieved from. And I WILL. I will not stop as long as those things keep coming out!
I am so grateful to Elena, she is an amazing person. Thank God I met her!
I am grateful for every advice she gave me and for everything she did for me. She is the reason I got these results.
I am sending you photos of mine. I hope other girls with the problem I had find their way to resolve it. It feels great to be healthy! It feels great to overcome disease!

M. R. again enjoys luminous skin and great figure. After having the parasites removed she focused on the herpes virus that was so resistant to treatment. Elena the Miracle Worker is homeopath Eng. Elena Dineva, from Stara Zagora. She is a diligent student of Dr. Grigorova and a loving healer. You can find her contact details in our partners’ section –Homeopaths.

We would like to thank M. R. for her lovely letter and the photos she sent us! We thank for the trust in our humble community and our humble products! Let you live a long and healthy life!

Heliantheae Team

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