Dr. Grigorova PhD

Dr. Grigorova PhD, is a chemist, homeopathist, and pharmacists. Dr. Grigorova PhD has more than twenty years of experience in alternative medicine, practicing primarily in Africa and Bulgaria.

The underlying ideas of her methods are the modern quantum physics tenets that everything in the tangible world that surrounds us is about vibrations, energy, and information and that the cells in the human body constantly exchange energy and information among themselves and with the environment alike. All dysfunctional aspects can be righted by applying quantum energy resonating with the needs of the organism at the specific moment.

Dr. Grigorova PhD’s expertise about medicinal plants and phytotherapy comes from her grandmother who was a famous healer in the 19th century. Dr. Grigorova complemented this competence with the modern academic knowledge of microbiology and parasitology, coupled with Dr. Reinhold Voll‘s method at the The Center for Homeopathic Education. She practiced for twelve years in South Africa. In 2004 Dr. Grigorova was officially ranked third among the Top Ten Doctors of Johannesburg by the South African Medical Association.

In 2008 she returned to Bulgaria, continuing with her practice in this country since. In addition to the daily work with patients she organizes annually training courses in Electroacupuncture by Voll (EAV) for aspiring and practicing homeopathists from around the world.

Dr. Grigorova, PhD is author of three books:

  • Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV) and Homeopathy
  • Introduction to Homeopathic Materia Medica – with Dr. Violeta Djerekarova (In Bulgarian)
  • Alternative Medicine with the Voll’s Test, Homeopathy, and Natural Medicines – 238 Clinical Cases with Comments (In Bulgarian)

Dr. Grigorova, PhD just published her newest book in English

  • 239 Clinical Case Studies of Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV), Homeopathic and Natural Remedies: Volume 1. Theory of the Method. Detecting and Treating Viruses.


To contact Dr. Grigorova PhD or make an appointment, please

call between 10:00 and 14:00 only on

Wednesday through Saturday

on phone number:  +359 877 720 276

Anna Petrova and Dr. Grigorova
Dr. Grigorova PhD and Anna Petrova.
Dr. Grigorova nad her grand dauther
Dr. Grigorova PhD with her granddaughter.
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