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Tibetan Monk
Tibetan Monk

Every one of us has read about monks spending a whole week in meditation, with no food and with only a few cups of tea. These monks keep ancient secrets and have dedicated their lives to perfect these very practices dating long back in time. One such practice is to train the body not to feel hunger or thirst. Curiously enough, these monks are humans as we are, and just like us, they may crave for something sweet, or savory and also may long to binge once in a while on some food they love…  The spiritual practices that we became privy to, in mysterious ways, include quite practical knacks.

We, at Heliantheae have trust only in actual reliable outcomes. Each of our products has been tested and used by thousands of people before we market it with pride. Therefore, before we make lasting conclusions on the techniques of Tibetan monks, we would need your help.

The Ancient Knowledge about Conceptus

There is no simple scientific explanation where from Buddhist healers back in 4th c. BC knew that human embryo, before becoming one, was an agglomerate of 70 to 100 primary cells. This stage of human embryo is called ‘conceptus’ and represents some one hundred cells from which all other cells and structures of the human fetus originate. From these primary cells of the conceptus later on the placenta, the amniotic fluid, the embryo with all the organs, systems, differentiated tissues and skeleton form. These one hundred or so cells do not change! They remain the same from the second week of conception until our last breath.

Relative size of human conceptus
Stages of human gestation

Where can we find them?

The place of these primary cells is around the navel of humans. Schematically, they look just like an umbilical cord too. They are a strand of specific cells, connected with each other, and, via the nervous system, interlinked with our entire body. It will come as little surprise if in the next ten years or so conventional medicine would reveal their full role nowadays and harness their entire potential for the body as a whole. Their role in the formation of the human fetus is baffling and is widely recognized, yet their part in the human body of already born humans is a mystery.

What would be so extraordinary?

The human embryo (from 3rd to 8th gestation week), and later the fetus (from 9th to 12th gestation week) goes through various formation stages. Initially it resembles an egg, a fish, then an amphibian, then a mammal; during all the different stages of development it has features reminiscent of those of animals. For example the caudal vertebrae until the end of 6th gestation week are a discernible tail. The facial development is yet another story. The metamorphoses there are numerous, and everything falls into place in the last 4 weeks. No matter what transformations the human fetus undergoes, it looks like the ancestors. We are a product of many centuries of human evolution, hence the features that define us as a species in their present form. With one big caveat – with the exception of the cells that form the conceptus. They stay in our bodies, and in an active form too, waiting to do what they have to, if necessary!

The crazy idea

Painting by Hans Giger
Painting by Hans Giger

Would it be too crazy to assume that some extraterrestrials designed us in such a way that, come harvest time, we go back to embryonic feeding?! The Church would right away ostracize us if we venture preach such a thing. However, we can relatively safely say that these cells are alive in our organisms and are responsible for the balance of energies of our entire body. These one hundred or so cells for sure regulate some part of our metabolism, the feeling of hunger or fullness and also help the digestive, nervous and immune systems and the blood circulation function properly, as with any embryo!

The experiment for a new herbal product for weight loss

We are looking into the idea that until modern medicine discovers a more significant way to make use of these cells, apart from having through them the laparoscopic instruments for some surgeries, we could invite you to join our experiments.

We kindly ask you to get onboard – it would only take a few simple and absolutely safe steps (see below). It would be very important to share your feedback after that.

What is the purpose of this experiment?

Liking ourselves makes us happy
Liking ourselves makes us happy

Heliantheae has been developing a new formula, 100% herbal, to boost assimilation of nutrients and our metabolism, for a full life while enjoying our favorite food. Last but not least, for staying fit and helping our organism keep up with our lifestyle.

Whether we spend your workday seated or engaged in physical activity, we all live in a hectic world and oftentimes do not have the time to eat healthy, exercise and spend time outdoors for wellness.

Anyone who ever needed to lose weight knows how difficult the weight-watching struggle is. Or the enormous challenge to lose weight when you have a particular health condition. Many of us have tried diets that are futile or bring results only to have a relapse too soon after that. Therefore we invite you to take part in the experiment, so that you help us gain more insight into the method we would be offering you.

What is the experiment for a new herbal product for weight loss about?

The place of the ball
The place of the ball

The experiment for the new herbal product for weight loss is quite simple. You will need a small round object of organic origin. A pea or a pea-sized ball of bread would do. We would recommend the following ideal little sphere that you can easily obtain: take one tea bag and take out 1/3 of its contents. Any tea, except black tea, would do. Mix well the dried tea with a bit of bee wax and two grains of pollen into a pea-sized ball. Then place it in the hollow of your navel and put a suitable breathable adhesive bandage (which is not water-resistant) to keep it in place. We do not recommend using raw nuts for the sphere. Nuts are relatively concentrated food and could lead to constipation. Place the ball in your navel before you go to bed and remove it when you decide you are not comfortable with it.

Covered ball
Covered ball

Out preliminary studies about the results indicate the following:

  1. Discomfort and pain during the night could be observed in case of:
    • Appendectomy
    • Intestinal obstruction
    • Surgery for myoma removal
    • Hysterectomy/prostatectomy
    • Blocked fallopian tubes
    • Pelvic area cancer
    • Endometriosis
    • Typhlitis
    • Fibrosis in the pelvic area
  2. You will not feel anything if:
    • You have had some type of hernia repair surgery
    • If for some reason you feel lack of energy during the whole day.

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