Heliantheae's Partners - Pharmacies and Homeopaths

In this section we are introducing Helaintheae’s Partners. These are the pharmacies and practitioning homeopaths, where you can find our products. If you want to become a distributor and to be included in Helaintheae’s Partners list, you can fill out this form.


Hurs Commerce Ltd.

Remedia 97 Ltd.

Astraea Garden

Pharmacy Valletta Pharm

Pharmacy Valletta Pharm 2


Voll specialist Valentin Surudzhiyski

Voll specialist Elena Zhekova

Daniela Rulinski, Homotoxicologist

Homeopath Eng. Silvia Tsvetkova

Prof. Victoria Sarafian, MD, PhD, DMSc

Homeopath Eng. Elena Dineva

Homeopath Hristo Petrov

Христо Петров
Hristo Petrov, Gerson Institute Bulgaria

Homeopath Reneta Svishtarova

Homeopath Tania Gocheva

Homeopath Maria Davidkova

Homeopath Hristina Jordanova

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