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Heliantheae’s products are made naturally from herbs in Bulgaria’s bio regions without any substitutions or additives. For more information you can read this article.


PARA-7® Parasiticide

As parasites are all around, in the tropical and in the temperate climate countries alike, and as oftentimes diagnosing and treatment of parasites is problematic, we are most happy to announce to our patients and clients that PARA-7® is here to solve their issues. …

Magnesium Detox

Magnezium Detox®

One can hardly list all of the benefits of „Magnesium Detox“®. This is a food supplement that was supposed to be on the market twenty years earlier. However, because of the financial interests of large pharmaceutical companies the product did not get …


Regina® Herbs Mixture

The herbs selected for the Regina® blend have been used for generations to stimulate the processes related to reproduction in our bodies with great results. Unlike our grandmothers, nowadays we live a hectic life detached from nature. This brings even more …


PARA-21® Parasiticide

Heliantheae is pleased to present its latest product: PARA-21 ® antiparasitic tincture. ARA-21® is another great formula. It is with unparalleled efficacy. It works with big success with respect to all parasites so far encountered by us and registered by means of the Voll test, including …
Electro-Acupuncture Instrument, model IKG-02

Voll Diagnostics Device

The Voll diagnostics  method is based on measuring the specific resistance of the skin at the acupuncture points with the Voll diagnostics device  (tool, instrument). Each Voll diagnostics device is a sensitive voltmeter (or Ammeter or Ohmmeter). The patient holds …


Homeopathic Books

N. Grigorova, Ph.D., is a chemist, homeopath, and pharmacist. The book summarizes 11 years of her work as a naturopathic practitioner. While in Africa she explored the action of a number of homeopathic remedies on different pathogens while testing patients with the Voll method …

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