Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV)

Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV)

from the book by Dr. Nadejda Grigorova, PhD “Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV) and Homeopathy”

Main Principles of the Method Energy and Matter

Revolutionary changes in science happen silently.

It takes long for the most brilliant ideas to get accepted. In early 20th century, a silent revolution in the domain of science in Europe started with the work of the world-known Albert Einstein.

Before that the established model was the mechanic model of Sir Isaac Newton. This model of physics used to explain the world as a sufficiently predictable system with three underlying laws. If we know the velocity and time of a moving object, then we can find this object at a predicted place. If force is applied to a particle with a known mass, then we can calculate the acceleration of the particle. If an action is applied to an object, a reaction would follow, with the same force and opposite direction.

These principles of physics make the world easily predictable. If we apply them to chemistry and medicine, they would go like this: “More medicines bring better results.”

Thinking man

Therapy with strong medicines is consistent with the Newtonian model, as is the idea of organ transplant: this is replacement of a faulty part of the organism. But at first in physics, and then in other branches of science, more and more experimental data tended to run contrary to the Newtonian model.

In 1919 Albert Einstein came up with his equation:

E = m.C2

Where: E is energy; m is mass; C is the speed of light in vacuum, 3 * 108 m/s.;

This equation comes to show that mass is a form of energy. Matter can be transformed into energy. One can see this in the fireplace, as wood burns. The entire matter is accumulated energy.

According to Einstein’s theory, the speed of light in vacuum, 3 * 108 m/s., is the maximum speed in space. One model of the structure of the atom developed at the beginning of the 20th century shows that the atom resembled the Solar System, with large positive mass at the center and electrons with small mass and negative charge circling around. The position of electrons on their orbits is kept strictly at 26 Н. and each orbit has specific energy that can be released if electrons switch to a lower orbit. At this moment a portion of energy is released (quantum of light), with a specific vibration frequency.

Electromagnetic Waves

The following equation demonstrates the relation between the energy and the vibration frequency of the particle of light.

E = h.ν

Where: E stands for energy; h stands for Max Planck’s constant (6,62620 * 10 -34 J.s.); ν stands for frequency;

The higher the frequency of the quantum, the greater the energy of the photon.

Scientists have discovered that the photon has properties of a particle (it has energy), and at the same time behaves like a wave, having a specific wavelength and frequency.

Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency and is expressed as follows:

l = 1/ν

Where: l stands for wavelength; ν stands for wave frequency.

Waves are dynamic structures; at any given moment they oscillate, passing from zero to maximum on a sinusoid, and, having reached the peak, they go back to the minimum energy.

Waves can interact with each other according to the laws of physics. Interference is the result of two waves meeting. This phenomenon can be observed when two rocks are thrown in the water close to one another, making concentric waves that combine.

Resonance frequencies are those identical with the vibration specter of the receiving agent, be that a human, piece of equipment, bridge or any object. For example if a singer sings close to a drinking glass, it may break if the frequency of the sound matches the vibration frequency of the resonating glass.

Electromagnetic fields of particles interact through interference and resonance.

Energy is the primary form of existence of everything in the world. Energy spectra come in a staggering variety of frequencies.

Our eyes can detect but a limited part of the energy spectrum: from red to orange, yellow, green, blue to violet.

Electromagnetic Waves

We know there are other frequencies outside the visible specter that can be detected with the relevant equipment: radio waves, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, X rays, gamma rays.

Holography is a laser-based method for making three-dimensional images. It was invented in 1974 by Dennis Gabor, Hungarian physicist who subsequently got the Nobel Prize for this invention.

ЗA hologram is made with a laser that produces a beam of monochromatic polarized light. This beam is divided into two by means of a lens: one part of the beam is directed to the object and from there to a photographic plate. The other beam goes directly to the photographic plate, and the interferential picture thus obtained is fixed. When the plate is developed, the picture looks like a mess, with a multitude of light and dark lines, and the object cannot be discerned. To reconstruct the image, laser beam is applied to the film, and subsequently the three-dimensional image of the original object appears. The image depends on the angle at which the laser illuminates the photographic film.

The most important property of a hologram is the fact that each part of it contains the entire information held in the whole. If a piece of the photographic plate is used to reconstruct the image, the whole picture of the object would appear. This gives us a whole new model for understanding the order and structure of reality. It is not necessary to cut the whole into pieces in order to study how it functions.

In this nature that looks like a phantom, at a deeper level of reality all things in the Universe are endlessly interconnected. In the hologram of a Universe past, present and future all coexist at the same time.

Human body holographic images

In nature holographic properties are illustrated by means of fractal structures. These are structures where a small part of the structure has a shape similar to that of the whole. A river network is an example of a fractal structure. If we magnify each small part of the river network, we will obtain a picture that resembles the overall network. A big branch and a twig off it represent the structure of the entire tree. The water crystallized in a snowflake is a good example of a fractal structure as it is composed of similar but smaller crystallized branches.

Cosmic space is full of energies some of which are not yet known to us.

This discourse, when applied to our health and medicine, shows that, as our body works with energy, the best way to heal is to aim at recovering and balancing the energy of the system.

Background of Facts and Discoveries

The Electro Acupuncture by Voll method was discovered and developed in Germany by Dr. Reinhold Voll (1909–1988).

He was a man of versatile interests. In the beginning he studied architecture, then switched to technical sciences at a technical university. Later he got a degree in medicine.

Dr. Voll got bladder cancer. He did not agree with the conventional medicine approach. Instead he by himself found a solution to his problem in traditional Chinese medicine through acupuncture. After that he enjoyed another twenty years of active life.

Dr. Voll and his friend Fritz Werner, electronics engineer, conducted extensive technical studies of the properties of Chinese acupuncture points.

Dr. Voll with Voll diagnostics tool

In 1953 they discovered that the physical properties of human skin at the Chinese points are much different from those elsewhere on the human body. By using a very sensitive ohmmeter they established that the resistance of the skin at every acupuncture point is twenty times smaller than at the other points of the skin.

This can be demonstrated with the well-known Ohm’s Law:

I = U / R

Where: I stands for current (intensity); U stands for voltage; R stands for resistance.

It was determined that at the acupuncture points:

I = 10–12 uA (Microamperes)

U = 1,0–1,2 V (Volts)

R = 95 kΩ (Kiloohms)

In all other places on the skin resistance is around 20 times more, R = 2000 kΩ [19].

In this way, Chinese acupuncture points, with their low resistance, look like small pools, and the stream of energy flows from point to point.

Then they discovered that points can have resistance that is different from the normal one, depending on the health of the patient.

They arrived at their third discovery quite by chance. They discovered that if they applied the appropriate medicine on the body, the abnormal signal from the point could go back to normal [1*].

It was confirmed that acupuncture points can be located with high degree of accuracy. They are 1–3 mm in diameter.

Soon Dr. Voll realized that the meridians on the human body are more than the classical Chinese meridians. He added eight more (‘Voll’s meridians’) on the chart of meridians and some extra points too on the Chinese meridians.

ТThis set the beginning of the development of a new branch of natural medicine, Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV). The first appliances for such measurements were known as Diaterapunkter or Dermatron.

Dr. Voll's EAV Book

During the 1960s in Korea, Professor Kim Bong-han did a series of studies on the meridian system of rabbits. By injecting radioactive phosphorus (32P) at acupuncture points, he discovered a system of fine tubes following the path of the acupuncture meridians. He found that the meridian system was divided into various subsystems: internal, intra-external, and external. He also found that the meridian duct system was independent of the vascular network. Based on many experiments on different animal species, Professor Kim concluded that the meridian system would appear within fifteen hours of conception and might also play an important role in both replication and differentiation of all cells in the body [2].

Later, in 1985 in Paris, Jean-Claude Darras, Pierre de Vernejoul, and Pierre Albarede performed experiments that tracked the movement of energy along the meridians. By injecting a solution containing ions of the radioactive element technetium (99mTc), the movement of this element in the meridians was recorded at a speed of about 5 cm/min [3].

In Moscow, Dr. Romen Avakyan did experiments making acupuncture points visible by using a high-voltage and high-frequency electrical field. When a human hand was put in this field, the points became visible on the skin as they become luminescent. The most interesting part of this experiment is the fact that it reveals far more points than those shown in the classical Chinese meridians and even more than the points on the additional meridians found by Dr. Voll [4].

Using a similar technique, Dr. Ion Dimitrescu from Romania developed a method, named Electronography,, which detects and displays the irritated meridian points. It was found that during electrographic scans only the points indicating some pathology of organs or systems of the individual appeared [5].

Human skin under microscope (slised)

Dr. Voll studied the classical Chinese meridian points in many clinical cases. He found a correlation between the points and their physical position on the organs or their physiological function. As a result he published maps of the Chinese meridians that included some new points and the map of the additional Voll meridians [6]. He described the Chinese meridian points according to Western medicine. In this way he made a connection between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine of today. Further, through his discovery that homeopathic remedies are able to balance the meridians, he built a bridge between Chinese medicine and homeopathy [1].

The essence is that a homeopathic remedy, as a source of resonant energy, is able to resolve the imbalance of the energy of the meridian. If the remedy has a different vibration energy, it does not produce any changes in the reading of the Voll machine. In this way Dr. Voll blended three main branches of the knowledge of healing calling the method Electro Acupuncture by Voll.


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About the Measurement

The method is based on measuring the specific resistance of the skin at the acupuncture points with the Voll machine. Each Voll diagnostics tool (instrument) is a sensitive voltmeter (or amperemeter or ohmmeter). The patient holds the passive electrode (cathode) in one hand, and the acupuncture points are tested by means of contact with the other electrode (anode). The equipment can be digital or analog, with a scale from 1 to 100, as proposed by Dr. Voll.

Human hand with marked points

Measurement is painless and the current is so weak (microamperes) that it can cause no harm. Meridians should be tested on both sides of the body – left and right.

Very often there can be great differences between the measurements on the left and on the right. This requires special attention.

The substances to be tested are placed on a special tray and the effect from them is measured.

A value above 50 indicates increased energy at the point, whereas a value below 50 means lack of energy at this point.

Values are interpreted as follows:

  • 50 is the optimal value for every point, the normal condition.
  • The 40–60 range is considered essentially normal.
  • The 60–65 range indicates that the point is excited.
  • The 65–75 range indicates irritation at the point.
  • The 75–85 range indicates inflammation.
  • The 85–100 range indicates strong inflammation.
  • The 40–35 range indicates beginning of degeneration.
  • The 35–25 range means progressive degeneration.
  • Values below 25 indicate destructive changes or possible malignancy.

Corticosteroids affect the measurements. Corticosteroids tend to act as strong suppressors of the signal, and this effect can last for days after withdrawal.

The skin should not be pressed with force and should not be bruised or otherwise injured. Meridian points are not on the surface of the skin but in the mesoderm and as conductive points they send signals from point to point. The pressing applied during measurement should be moderate and uniform at every point. It takes practice to master this. More important is to have strategy for action: where to start the measuring from, what a value indicates, what to do step by step.

Each acupuncture meridian and each point along it can be EAV-tested. Corporal points located on the body are seldom used. The points on the arms and legs are best known and widely used.

Sometimes the specific points located on the ears (auricular points) can be very useful. One can use as many additional corporal points as needed depending on the depth of the operator’s knowledge of acupuncture.

A phenomenon can be observed which Dr. Voll called ‘indicator drop’. This is when the value reaches a maximum and then falls suddenly and substantially. This would be an important sigh of some pathology on the meridian.

Most Voll practitioners first measure the main meridian points. This is convenient and saves time. Quite often however these points are not enough to give a picture of the condition.

What Can Be Achieved with EAV?

EAV readings do not rule out the methods of contemporary clinical medicine. Diagnostic tests are necessary and they have to be run. It is best to combine and use synergically the tools and expertise of general medicine and various other healing areas and methods.

Human body meridians

EAV serves to detect if some meridians and points along them have lower or higher than normal values. This means that the energy in those meridians is not balanced. EAV readings may differ from the results obtained from conventional bloodwork. Blood tests rely on measuring material quantities of antibodies, concentrations of substances or various cells.

EAV test instead detects changes in the energy state of organs. It can capture disorders well ahead of the actual manifestation at physical level. Subsequently the test will show how the balance of the bodily energy can be redressed.

EAV is used to determine personalized treatment for each patient: remedy, dosage, combination of supplements and drug compatibility.

If a signal of a pathogen arises that affects the energy of some meridians, this does not mean that we are diagnosing a disease. Louis Pasteur, the father of modern microbiology, in his last days said to his friends: “It is not the germs we need worry about. It is our inner terrain.”

Quite often the pathogen can be there, but the energy and the parameters of the inner environment (such as acidity, ion concentration, oxidation-reduction potential and other biochemical and biophysical indicators of the organism) are good enough to manage the pathogen and prevent it from proliferating. According to Dr. Charles Nicolle, winner of Nobel Prize in medicine, a disease can exist for a very long time in the body [7]. This is very important particularly for the presence of intracellular pathogens such as Rickettsia, Chlamydia, and viruses. However, once the energy of the body falls, as a result of some factor (be this new infection, exhaustion, stress, or emotional problem), the clinical stage of this hidden disease is triggered. In this sense EAV detects hidden disturbances of the energy of meridians and indicates a way to avert any future complications. This is preventive medicine, the future of medicine. It was established that EAV can detect a problem months and years before its clinical manifestation.

Effectively anything can be tested with EAV: allopathic medicine drugs, homeopathic remedies, herbal products, vitamins, minerals and other supplements, crystals, liquids, gases, jewelry, animal hairs and many other items. One important part of the EAV test is the allergy test, including for testing for foods and many substances from the environment.

Voll diagnostics tool, model IKG-02

The food tolerance test is a significant component of the efforts to balance the energy of meridians; it is an essential tool of the holistic approach to health.

Periodically run EAV tests can capture changes in the condition and hence help optimize and adjust prescribed therapy. Dynamic changes in prescribed drugs are a key factor for achieving good energy balance quickly.


7 – C. L. Jadin, The Rickettsial and Para Rickettsial Approach of CFS and Related Disorders, Johannesburg, S.A., 1999.

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