IKG Voll Diagnostics Device

IKG Voll Diagnostics Device

How does the device work?

Доктор Рейнхард ФолThe Voll Diagnostics Device measures the specific resistance in defined points on the Chinese meridians and the additional meridians discovered by Dr. Reinhold Voll. This article will give you more information on the method itself.

If you want to learn more about the Voll method and in particular about our school, you may find useful the following two books by Dr. Grigorova:

Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV) and Homeopathy Front Cover
Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV) and Homeopathy
239 Clinical Case Studies, front cover
239 Clinical Case Studies of Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV), Homeopathic and Natural Remedies: Volume 1. Theory of the Method. Detecting and Treating Viruses.

The device was invented in the nineteen-forties and has undergone modifications since then, due to the massive advances in electronic technology in the recent years. Our IKG is electro-medical equipment and is fully compliant with the requirements of the EU standard for electro-medical device.

IKG Voll Diagnostics Device, model IKG-02
IKG Voll Diagnostics Device, model IKG-02

What can we measure with IKG Voll Diagnostics Device?

In most general terms, the IKG device allows you to measure the vibrational frequencies of organs (kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen, ovaries/testicles, skin, eyes, ears, etc.) and/or biological systems of the human body (lymphatic system, circulatory system, nervous system, immune system, excretory system, endocrine system, muscular-skeletal system, etc.). It can be used for testing organs and/or systems of warm-blooded animals.

What are the outputs of the device?

The IKG device transforms the measured analog value into a digital one; analyzes the curve of the captured value, and through a function displays the result onto an analog scale. The latter is empirically proven to be superior in terms of ergonomic perception of output data by the operator. When the device is in continuous operation, the operator does not need to have his/her eyes fixed on the digits; instead, it is enough to monitor if the arrow of the analog scale goes past the 50 indication or not. The device is also equipped with a specific audio signal which makes it user-friendly. Proper measurement is associated with one type of audio signal – continuous, non-irritating sound, whereas incorrect measurement is indicated with a rhythmic and feeble sound. The principle of operation of the IKG device is the same as in the input metering circuit and the devices back in the fifties designed by Dr. Voll himself.

Components of the IKG device for Voll diagnostics kit

One Voll device unit, one patient probe (measuring electrode), one brass hand rod for the patient to hold, one electrode for medicine samples (or for food samples) for testing, rubber shock-proof protector for the entire appliance and a bag for easy and convenient transportation and use, warranty card and user manual. Batteries are installed and included in the kit.

IKG Voll Diagnostics Device set
Components of the IKG device for Voll diagnostics kit, model IKG-02

What can you do with the IKG device for Voll diagnostics

The device can measure not just the condition of organs and systems in the human body but also:

– Food intolerance – the way we digest the food we take – gluten, lactose, coffee, chocolate, nuts, sea food, fruit, vegetables, different meat, etc. In case of intolerance to some types of food, e.g. sugar, the specific type of sugar associated with the intolerance can be determined – fructose, glucose, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, coco sugar, maple syrup, etc.

– Allergic reactions – home dust, pets, nuts, flowers; spores and mold, insect bites, house mites, and many other. It can also determine what kinds of food/medicine help suppress or altogether resolve the allergy.

– Passing conditions – premenstrual and postmenstrual syndrome, various gastro-intestinal problems, headache, general weakness, lack of appetite, sleep disturbances etc.

– Tolerance to detergents and cosmetic products – washing and cleaning products, personal care products, scents, etc.

– Impact of drugs – each medicine can be measured to determine whether it improves the functioning of an organ or system, whether it worsens the condition, or as a third possibility – whether it is neutral.

– In combining the measuring with vibration samples of various pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasite) the exact type of pathogen harming the organ or system is detected.

– It is invaluable for patients with special needs. For patients suffering from social development disorders or genetic anomalies, IKG is a great device. It is non-invasive, causes no harm to the patient; it makes the metering fun and children are not afraid.

What is it that makes our device superior to all other devices available on the market?

We have been manufacturing the IKG device since 1994; we designed it together with senior researchers from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. You can find devices from the IKG series all over the world. We have not a single unhappy client for all those years! Not a single returned device! We are proud with the high quality of the entire device, which is hand-made locally, in Bulgaria! We provide to our client not just a device but also training in bioresonance testing according to the Voll method. More information about the testing follows below.

Why are our devices technically and professionally different from the rest?

The first thing is the meticulous testing – organ by organ, system by system. The software products available on the market, that are designed for laptops, do ‘whole-sale’ testing. Why? Because the comprehensive measuring with an IKG device goes through 40 meridians in the human body, and through at least 3-4 points for each meridian. This is about accurate measuring, not just about two electrodes at the temples and two more for extremities.

Meridians in Human's Body
Meridians in the Human's body

Also, just imagine what data you would obtain from a lab sample of patient’s saliva? For sure there will be plenty of data that in itself is not easy to prioritize. Now imagine that in addition to saliva, you take from this patient another 150 different lab samples. You will be able to know with great precisions the exact organ or system that is in top-notch condition and the exact organ or system that is affected most; and you will know what to do with the data obtained. Therefore with software-based testing with a laptop plenty of data is obtained that effectively mean little. If you run two tests on one and the same patient five minutes apart, you will get different indications altogether.

Points of measurements on Human's hand and foot
Acupuncture points on Human's hand and foot

The possibilities that come with software and laptops in our opinion are not acceptable even for determining food intolerance and allergens. Because the ready-made recorded vibrations of foods and allergens in one geography are not consistent with the vibrations of foods and allergens in another geography. Our experience shows that it is best to work with food and allergen vibrations from the localities of patients themselves.

Operator's requirements

The third feature that we believe is crucial for choosing the IKG device for professional use is the required real knowledge of the operator of the IKG device. According to our paradigm, it is not enough just to determine and write a diagnosis. Knowing the etiology of any biological disorder, illness respectively is essential. We sell much more than devices; we also offer all-round training and assistance for each specialist who would decide to practice this sparing method. We offer more than guarantee on paper. We insist that our specialists have knowledge of biochemistry, pharmacy, phytotherapy, neurology, gynecology, histology, endocrinology, dietetics, lab testing and analyses and many other areas of medicine. It is not required to be a doctor if you want to come to us, but it is required, upon finishing our training, to know the matter as much as a good doctor does.

We have determined on empirical basis that any electronics tend to interfere with the measuring of IKG. Therefore the offices of our Voll specialists have no interior metal elements (furniture, artifacts made of metal), no computers, TV sets and similar electronic devices. The patient, before testing, must remove all metal accessories and watches; even the metal parts of a belt may interfere with the testing and render it less accurate.

Further, we would like to highlight that the precision of IKG depends on the personal attitude of the operator. If the operator is all about money, if he/she does not mean well and does not care about the patient, the results obtained would also be insufficient to base a supposition on. People who are diligent, humble and kind at heart are much more successful when working with the device. Why? Because it is all about vibration! Even intentions!

IKG Voll Diagnostics Device for daily use

Of course, an average family is not required to have robust knowledge of medicine in order to determine if some kind of food or detergent agrees with them. If the appliance would be for home use, then it is not required to take all our courses. It suffices to master only two points – Al1 and Al2 to be able to test any food, beauty or cleaning product, medicine or allergen.

On a technical note, we would like to point out that IKG produce no volatile peaks! The scale is very sensitive and the arrow goes up slowly to reach a plateau. This is very important for the sake of stable measurement. Other devices produce the so called ‘indicator spikes’ which can be tiring and unreliable for long hours of work.

The device is compact and portable. It has special shock-resistance features and proofing against damage in transportation.

Last but not least, we take good care of the operation of our devices. You can always rely that your device will be tested in real conditions of use before you buy it and will undergo maintenance when you decide this is needed.

IKG Voll Diagnostics Device
IKG Voll Diagnostics Device

The standard full warranty of our devices is two years. Additional warranty is available to be purchased too.

Our training is in three different stages:

  1. For beginners – virtual courses with more than 10 hours of professional videos, in real work conditions, together with printed handouts.
  2. For advanced users – a practical course delivered annually by Dr. Grigorova.
  3. Master class – for specialists working with Voll diagnostics.
  4. Annual workshops to discuss topics of interest and novelties.

We deliver all around the world. Write to us and we will try to offer you the best shipping price. If you buy more than two devices, shipping costs are on us.

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