Heliantheae is pleased to present its latest product: PARA-21 ® antiparasitic tincture.

PARA-21® heavy weight antiparasitic tincture!

History and facts

Parasites are a serious health issue for humans. Some parasite species can live in human bodies for up to 25 years while others within their short lifetime (3 months) cause irreparable harm to health and can even be life-threatening.

Infected blood cells with malariaThe most dangerous disease caused by parasites is malaria. The deadliest living species on earth claiming the highest number of victims every year is neither the lion, nor the crocodile or some venomous snake or spider, but the Malaria mosquitoes. Strange as it may seem, but innocent deer are among the top-ranking animals associated with loss of life – because of the thousands of road accidents they cause.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2015 as many as 214 millions people were infected with malaria and some 438 thousand of those died. Latest statistical data from 2019 show that infected persons globally were 228 millions, compared to 231 millions in 2017. Worldwide 405 thousand died in 2018. Malaria is a scourge not just in the countries of the region of Africa but also of the Eastern Mediterranean. And while Africa is the focus of the WHO, due to the endemic nature of the disease, no one is looking for malaria in developed countries, and yet the disease is there, and quite intensely so, the Plasmodium falciparum strain accounting for as many as 71% of proven cases. In the recent years, due to climate change, malaria is advancing up north.

Types of parasites

Destroyed malaria blood cellSingle-cell protozoa parasites, being minuscule in size, are blood-borne and they can even get to the brain. For example amoeba (Amoebiasis) oftentimes migrates from the intestines to the liver and spleen. Toxoplasma gondii (Toxoplasmosis) can lodge in ovaries of young girls and women causing infertility or giving birth to children with mental disabilities; Giardia lamblia (Giardiasis, Lambliasis) seriously affects disaccharidases producing its own proteolytic enzymes which lead to inflammation of intestinal endothelium and abnormal intestinal permeability.

Larger parasites such as the large roundworms of humans, tapeworms and liver flukes not just deprive us of substances we need but also release toxins that are harmful for the body. As a result of this people tend to feel weakness and fatigue, suffer from ill health, gastrointestinal problems, skin rash, allergic reactions and hormonal problems, unaware of the underlying reason causing those.

ToxoplasmosisFor example, the most common dog ascaris (Ascaridosis, Ascariasis), which lives in the small intestines, has evolved to release substances destroying pancreatic enzymes thus causing pancreatic dysfunction. This can be observed even in young children if they have been exposed to this type of parasites long enough.

The common liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica (Fasciolosis) takes a heavy toll on the liver. There are liver flukes that can cause tissue neoplasm and even hepatic cancer; intestinal flukes, Fasciolopsis buski, may cause hepatic cancer, while bilharzia (Schistosomiasis) – cancer of the urinary bladder.

Little known facts

Tapeworm, photographed in a dark field

It is widely believed that parasites are mainly to be found in the tropical regions yet this is far from the truth. In countries with moderate climate there are nearly as much parasites as in the tropical areas. Antiparasitics of conventional medicines are extremely insufficient both in terms of amount and variety, as the pharmaceutical industry tends to invest only in the development of medicines against chronic diseases rather than in medicines for one-off treatments. Yet the chief problem is that parasites are not being looked for hence the failure to treat them.

The Canadian doctor Hulda Clark made a breakthrough in the struggle against parasites coming up with a proposed content of PARAGON® и PARA-90®. The ingredients include the skin of green walnuts, the spice cloves, cinnamon tree bark and the herb wormwood. I have used this tincture for several years in Africa. The tincture works even for Malaria. Yet its use in Europe was hampered by some restrictions on the content of wormwood.

Male schistosomeAlso green walnuts contain iodine and therefore are contraindicated for people with thyroid dysfunction. The tincture must not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

In the search for more appropriate composition of antiparasitic tinctures, we at Biobalance Ltd. did a huge amount of research. We arrived at the non-toxic formula of PARA-7® that is suitable for pregnant women. This tincture is already officially registered by Heliantheae Ltd. and is being manufactured. It enjoyed great acclaim by numerous patients.

PARA-21® antiparasitic tincture

PARA-21PARA-21® is another great formula. It is with unparalleled efficacy. It works with big success with respect to all parasites so far encountered by us and registered by means of the Voll test, including protozoa, roundworms, common flukes, tapeworms, as well as the new parasite Funis vermis.

PARA-21® destroys parasitic cysts in the liver and the spleen. The tincture is superior to PARA-7® for treatment of:

  • Fish tapeworm,
  • Schistosoma and
  • Malaria.

This makes the product competitive internationally too as an anti-malaria means.

All the herbal ingredients of PARA-21® are allowed for use in Europe. These are non-toxic herbs: roots of Carlina acanthifolia, dried sunflower petals, cloves, roots of horse-heal and dried peach leaves. This herbal blend is steeped in 40º ethanol. It has excellent antiparasitic properties without excessive burden for the liver.

PARA-21® take in

The tincture PARA-21® has been marketed by Biobalance Ltd. since 2015 without a single complaint from patients to date. Of course, observance of prescribed doses is required. The product PARA–21® is to be taken as follows:

Adults, with body weight above 50 kg.Children above 3 years of age or adults with body weight below 50 kg.
2 times a day, 20 drops diluted in 50 ml of water2 times a day, 3 drops for each 10 kg of body weight, diluted in a table spoon of water.

PARA-21It is required to take the product regularly with no interruption within the course of intake, to cover the entire biological life cycle of parasites. One course must not exceed two packages of PARA-21®. One full course of two packages of PARA-21® must be followed by an interval of at least 30 days without taking the product.

Instructions to the colleagues administering Voll test: Colleagues, in case more than one tincture bring the point into homeostasis, always test the liver point to determine which one antiparasitic tincture works best. The purpose is to monitor the state of the liver.


As I formulated PARA-21®, its performance makes me proud and I do hope that the product, registered by Heliantheae Ltd. and manufactured, will find its due place in the arsenal of antiparasitic means locally and abroad alike.

Dr. Nadezhda Grigorova, Ph.D.
PARA-21 is registered trade mark


PARA-21® is registered trademark by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria with registration number: 108618.

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