At last there is a reliable antiparasitic solution!

As parasites are all around, in the tropical and in the temperate climate countries alike, and as oftentimes diagnosing and treatment of parasites is problematic, we are most happy to announce to our patients and clients that PARA-7® is here to solve their issues


Some Background

Parasites are the most wide-spread form of life on Earth. Scientists believe parasites account for as much as 80% of all living creatures on the planet(1).

The origin of the word “parasite” is from the Ancient Greek “παράσιτος“ meaning “a person who eats at the table of another and pays back in harm.” The name very accurately describes their essence. And although humankind is still getting to know many of them, we do know a lot, if not all, about the ones we already have explored.

Parasitologists today do admit that there are many more human parasites yet to be discovered. The estimates are that hundreds, if not thousands human parasites are still to be identified in the years to come(2).

The top three most dangerous parasite infections in the world are:

  1. Trichomoniasis – this is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis – microscopic single-cell motile protozoan (10-20 µм on average) that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The parasite reproduces by dividing each 8-12 hours. Characteristic of Trichomonas vaginalis is that they phagocytize (ingest) other microorganisms (bacteria) thus becoming a reservoir of pathogenic agents causing other infections, including sexually transmitted diseases like gonococcal infection (gonorrhea). That is why oftentimes with trichomoniasis there are co-infections. Incidence rates are staggering – each year 7.4 mln contract the disease in the USA and 12 mln in Europe.
  2. Giardia Lamblia (lambliasis, girardiasis) – the disease is caused by the unicellar parasite Lamblia intestinalis. The cysts are found in food (fruit, vegetables) and in water. Every year as many as 2.5 mln in the USA and 4 mln in Europe are affected.
  3. Toxplasmosis (Toxoplasma gondii) – 300,000 infected persons in the USA and 500,000 in Europe each year.

Parasites have been a scourge for millennia. Even rulers of vast empires have succumbed to such diseases instead of dying of the sword of the enemy. Severe malaria claimed the life of Alexander the Great, when he was in his prime, having just conquered the entire civilized world. Extensive post-mortems have revealed that many famous people were infected by some type of parasite.

The largest parasite ever to be recovered from a human body was a tapeworm through the mouth of Sally Mae Wallace on September 5, 2001. The tapeworm was 37 feet, or 11.27 meters!(3)!

Tapeworms can live more than 30 years in their hosts. Over 200 mln people around the world are affected by flatworms. Tapeworms have between 1,000 and 2,000 body segments (proglottids), each containing 80 to 100 thousand eggs!

Herbs and Parasites

Since the dawn of human history people have used herbs for treatment and have resorted to all kinds of diets trying to get rid of the suffering or at least make it bearable. Pumpkin seeds, garlic, onion, peppermint and other plants with strong scent have been traditionally applied for relief but it was absinthe wormwood that really worked.

For centuries healers and herbalists have been using absinthe wormwood in these lands. The poisonous plant Tansy (common tansy, bitter buttons, cow bitter or golden buttons) is also a tried-and-true remedy against parasites in livestock.


Apparently good living conditions and affluence do not keep parasites at bay. Some of the richest people in the world are as affected with parasites as are some of the poorest. Diagnosing often comes too late, and treatment frequently fails. Today no one looks for parasites. The prevailing attitudes in the richer countries are that they do not have such a problem while the poorer are still struggling with the affliction. People there silently live with the parasites, eventually dying of the consequences. It is worth pointing out that the largest killer from the animal world is not the alligator, the lion, the shark or the snake, but the Anopheles mosquito that transmits malaria. Each year the victims of the infection run in the hundreds of thousands.

Due to climatic change and growing trade in foodstuffs from the warmer countries into Europe, and especially Southern Europe, tropical diseases, including parasitic diseases break out.

Both meat-lovers and those who prefer organic produce are at risk of getting infected with parasites. There is a prevailing misconception that some parasites are to be found only in children. Such examples are the flukes (Opisthorchis) and the large roundworms in humans (Ascaris lumbricoides). They affect more often adults than children. Our experience shows that at least 20% of patients suffer from parasites unbeknownst to them. Instead they get a variety of diagnoses and treatments while the root cause remains unrevealed.


Contemporary healing methods

Some twenty years ago the excellent herbal formulation of Doctor Hulga Clark, the PARAGON tincture, became available. It is based on the healing properties of absinthe wormwood, clove, and green walnuts. We have used Dr. Clark’s formula for many years, and our experience has proven the strong efficacy of the solution.

The healing properties of the absinthe wormwood (Artemisia) were used to successfully fight parasites by the Chinese Doctor Tu Youyou, who received the Nobel Prize for the product Artemizin in 2015. This comes to demonstrate the huge importance of herbal solutions for treating parasites.

New EU directives however banned the wide use of absinthe wormwood due to its toxicity. On the other hand, green walnuts are a source of iodine, hence the restrictions of the formula for patients with functional disorders of the thyroid. Because of these considerations, PARAGON is not to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women and patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Despite the wide application of different versions of the herbal formula PARAGON, quite often the manufacturers cannot achieve the desired results as they cannot test the product in real clinical cases.

The method of Doctor Voll and the IKG-2 measuring equipment that we employ allow us to test individually the efficacy of each product for patients.


On the basis of six years of studies and testing of real clinical cases of presence of parasites we developed the product PARA-7®.

About the product:

The herbal tincture PARA-7® is prepared from non-toxic herbs:

  • Sunflower petals
  • Clove buds
  • Elecampane (horse-heal) roots

This formula allows for wide use and high efficacy tested with a vast number of parasites and patients. Clinical results are summarized and published in Doctor Grigorova’s book Alternative Medicine with the Voll’s Test, Homeopathy, and Natural Medicines – 238 Clinical Cases with Comments, (Argus Publishing, 2017, in Bulgarian).

Sixty clinical cases with parasitic etiology successfully resolved are featured there.

Our experience shows that the PARA-7® tincture can be successfully used by pregnant and breast-feeding women and children aged three months and above. The only restriction is connected with the ethanol content (40°), which can be addressed by accurately adjusting the dose (number of drops) based on the patient’s body weight.

Mode of application:

Age and/or body weight Children above 3 months Older children Adults with body weight up to 70 kg Adults with body weight over 70 kg
Number of drops, twice a day, 15 minutes before meals 3 drops in a tablespoon of water 3 drops for each 10 kg of body weight, diluted in 50 ml of water 20 drops diluted in 50 ml of water 30 drops diluted in 50 ml of wate

Full treatment course:

Children – 30 to 40 days of uninterrupted administration, as per the corresponding dose.

Adults with body weight of up to and above 70 kg – two packages of the product, with no interruption.

Closing Words

Until recently Doctor Grigorova used to make our product PARA-7® herself. She would personally gather the herbs and prepare manually the tincture for the treatment of her patients suffering from parasites. Doctor Grigorova and her students, however, did not manage to keep up with the rising demand for this unique healing product, so we established Heliantheae Ltd. The tincture PARA-7® is the leading product of the company. Both we, the team of Heliantheae Ltd., and our patients have full confidence in the healing power of PARA-7®.

We are proud that in this way we are contributing to a human and highly beneficial cause for society.


(1) Dunn, Rob. The Wild Life of Our Bodies. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 2011.

(2) Drisdelle, Rosemary. Parasites: Tales of Humanity’s Most Unwelcome Guests. Oakland, CA: University of California Press, 2011.

(3) Butcher, Nancy. The Strange Case of the Walking Corpse. New York, NY: Penguin Books, 2004.

PARA-7 is registered trade mark


PARA-7® is registered trademark by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria with registration number: 104726.

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