It is with pride that we launch our new herbal product ‘Regina – Revitalize Your Femininity’ ®

The herbs selected for the Regina® – Revitalize Your Femininity® blend have been used for generations to stimulate the processes related to reproduction in our bodies with great results. Unlike our grandmothers, nowadays we live a hectic life detached from nature. This brings even more health problems, some of which conventionally may require surgery. Phytotherapy, however, is not forgotten at all. We just need to trust it, and it will yield us benefits. Problems can vary – from absence of menstrual periods to some serious diagnosis. Our body has an enormous potential to cope with problems in a natural way provided we help it adequately.


Many women tend to think that with menopause their sexual life has to decline; they may also suffer from discomforts varying in type and intensity. Yet this should not be necessarily the case. Menstruation may stop but our body can be in balance and thrive producing the hormones we all need for good health and quality of life.

Conversely, for a lot of men the onset of problems with the prostate may compromise their quality of life. Again, there is an alternative. The prostate can be maintained in good shape even in someone’s nineties! The only thing we need to do is see what healing plants can do thanks to their natural properties.

The ingredients of Regina® Herbal Blend are 100% natural. Nevertheless is it a powerful option and should be taken as advised. Before taking the blend make sure you are not pregnant to avoid risk of miscarriage!

What is Regina® for?

  • Helps regression of myomas and ovarian cysts and stimulates the healing process
  • It is good for any pain in the lower abdomen, for abnormal vaginal discharge and heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)
  • For stimulation of delayed onset of first menstruation in puberty; helps regulation of menstruation in puberty; for weakened or prolapsed uterus; after spontaneous abortions; for postpartum problems due to difficult birth
    • Alleviates the symptoms of menopause and helps against internal and external hemorrhoids
    • For enlargement and problematic functioning of the prostate
    • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates healing processes in infected wounds of different types
    • Helps improve sleep
    • Helps the cardiac function
    • Helps regulate blood sugar
    • Recommended for muscle weakness and even severe muscle dystrophy
    • For ulcers and hernia; helps alleviate abdominal pain of intestinal origin and diarrhea
    • Helps alleviate inflammation and irritation associated with small kidney stones
    • Helps regulate the metabolism
    • Stimulates epithelization in problematic areas.

For what diagnosed problems is Regina® recommended?

For some of the following types of cysts:

The reasonable period to monitor ovarian cysts is up to 3-5 months, provided clinical, laboratory or ultrasound evidence rules out any signs of malignancy. During this period contraception pills can be administered. What they do is more in terms of preventing new cysts from forming. The most sparing actual treatment of existing cysts is with herbal means.

  • Follicular cysts;
  • Lutein cysts;
  • Endometriotic cysts;
  • Dermoid cysts;
  • Paraovarian cysts;
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (Stein-Leventhal syndrome, sclero-polycystic ovary)
For some of the following types of myomas:

Most often myomas are uterine fibroids, and most seldom they are fibroids of the cervix, the broad ligaments or the labia. Under a microscope fibroids appear as strands of smooth muscular tissue randomly located in connective tissue.

  • They can be in the walls of an organ (heart, blood vessel, intestine, etc.) and can be confined there.
  • They can be below the serous membrane of organs.
  • They can be in the submucosal layer of connective tissue, blood and lymphatic vessels etc.
Other conditions:
  • Hypermenorrhea – heavy menstrual bleeding;
  • Metrorrhagia – intermenstrual bleeding;
  • Menometrorrhagia – excessive uterine bleeding, both at the usual time of menstrual periods and at other irregular intervals;
  • Frequent urination with small amounts of urine;
  • Anovulation – absence of ovulation;
  • Oligomenorrhea – infrequent menstruation, at prolonged intervals;
  • Amenorrhea – absence of menstruation (primary and secondary);
  • Hypogonadism – diminished functional activity of the gonads;
  • Endometriosis;*
  • Prostatitis;*
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia.*


* The above conditions require prolonged treatment (at least 9 months) and periodic checkups by specialists.

How to take Regina® Herbal Blend?

In view of the variety of conditions listed above, there are several types of regimens for taking the herbal blend.

Body weight, kgSIABMPNumberDuration*TNMP months
40-454th day1/253
45-504th day1/264
50-553rd day1/273
55-603rd day1/274
60-654th day165
65-703rd day175
70-752nd day165
75-802nd day175
80-852nd day175
85-902nd day1 1/286
90-1502nd day286
SIABMP – Start of intake, after beginning of menstrual period.
TNMP months – Total number of (menstrual) periods for taking the product.
*Duration – Duration of taking of product in days per (menstrual) period.
For all categories the daily intake is twice a day (every 12 hours).
Simulating and regulating the menstruation

The first one is for stimulating onset of menstruation and regulating it. As absence of menstruation could be due to pregnancy, before you start taking Regina® Herbal Blend please make sure you are not pregnant. The product is intended mainly for women and girls above 13 years of age. Regina® Herbal Blend is not recommended for girls below 13 years of age or with body weight below 40 kg. Not to be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women and children!

Cysts and myomas

The second regimen is for cysts or myomas. Observe the dosages in the above table but start taking Regina® Herbal Blend on the second day of each period. The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the cysts or myomas. Every centimeter of the cyst or myoma would require a month of treatment. This means that if a myoma or cyst is 3-4 cm, this would require 4 months of treatment. If bleeding occurs while you take the herbal blend, do not panic. This is normal and usually should not last long and should not be intensive. However, discontinue taking Regina® upon the start of bleeding and resume once it stops.

Endometriosis, prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia

The third scheme is for endometriosis, prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Women need to start taking Regina® from the second day of menstruation (or immediately, in case of absence of menstruation longer than three months), according to Item 1 in the table. Take Regina® for at least 9 months, without interruption of the monthly round. The monthly round is one full package Regina® Herbal Blend, all the 7 sachets over 7 days. After you finish this, wait for 22 days, then start taking the new package for another 7 days with no interruption.

Menopausal women
The fourth regimen is for menopausal women. Regina® Herbal Blend will help stimulate the metabolism and, more importantly, the secretion of reproductive hormones at healthy levels.Regina During the first year Regina® is to be taken as follows: consecutively three packages, each consisting of 7 sachets. One sachet is taken every day, for 7 days. Stop taking Regina® for 28 days and after that resume. After these three months a pause of 90 days is required, followed by two more months of taking the herbal blend (two packages of Regina®). Then you do 60 days without it and take another package. This would be 12 months from initial administration, and the body will be able to supply the hormones you need on its own. After that first year of more intense use you can help your body keep up by taking the herbal blend twice a year, every six months
Regina is registered trade mark


Regina® is registered trademark by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria with registration number: 159689.

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