IKG Voll diagnostics device, Instruction manual


IKG Voll diagnostics device, Instruction manual

The manual is in English and Bulgarian languages.

It is in PDF format. To be able to open it, you might need reader like Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download the reader from here.



Operator’s Manual for IKG Voll Diagnostics Device, model IKG-02


1. Safety precautions and procedures
2. General description
3. Supply voltage
4. Calibration
5. Instrument description
6. Instruction for work
7. Battery replacement
8. Cleaning
9. Technical characteristics
10. Accessories to the Voll machine
11. Warranty conditions
12. List of the standards fully applied
13. EU Declaration for correspondence
14. Warranty card

For more information you can check our page for IKG Voll diagnostic device, model IKG-02.

IKG Voll diagnostics device, Instruction manual


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