IKG Voll Diagnostics Device


What can you do with IKG Voll diagnostics device, model IKG-02?

  • Determine which organs and systems of the patient are in normal condition and which are not.
  • Find the cause of the problems and its effect on different organs.
  • Discover the REMEDIES: foods, herbs, chemical substances, homeopathic medicines, food supplements, minerals, gems etc. by testing their effects on the patient organs.
  • Define the agent(s) and/or the action(s) that stabilize the organism’s homeostasis: oxidative/reductive agents, acidic/alkaline agents, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, ridding of heavy metal pollution, balancing magnetism, etc.
  • Discover the allergens (intolerable foods and environmental conditions) through contactless and harmless testing of chosen foods, greens, animal hairs, waters and other chemical substances.
  • Test Dr. Bach remedies to find the right combination for balancing the patient’s emotions.

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Voll Diagnostics Device, model IKG-02 measure the specific conductivity of the human skin in the classic Chinese and Voll’s meridians.

The Electro Acupuncture method by Voll was discovered and developed in Germany by Dr. Reinhold Voll (1909–1988). He was a man with a wide spectrum of interests. First he studied architecture, after that he turned to technical science, studying at a technical university. Later he graduated in medicine.
Dr. Voll became ill with cancer of the bladder. He did not agree with the conventional medical approach. He found the solution to his problem in Chinese traditional medicine, using acupuncture treatment. After that he had twenty years of active life.

Dr. Voll, together with his friend Fritz Werner, an electronics engineer, did intensive medical and technical research into the functioning of the Chinese acupuncture points. In 1953 they found that the physical properties of the human skin in the Chinese acupuncture points were different from any other points on the body. Using a sensitive device called an ohmmeter they found that the skin resistance at any of the Chinese points is twenty times less than at other points on the skin.

After that they discovered that the points could have a resistance, different from the “normal” one, depending on the health of the patient.

The third discovery was made by chance. It was found that by placing an appropriate remedy in contact with the body, the reading of an abnormal point would go to normal [Voll, 1980].

It was confirmed that the acupuncture points could be detected with great accuracy. They are 1–3 mm in diameter. Very soon Dr. Voll realized that there are more meridians on the human body than the number of classical Chinese meridians. He added eight additional Voll meridians to the meridian map and he added some new points to the Chinese meridians as well.

This was the beginning of the development of a new branch of natural medicine, Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV). The first machines for these measurements were known as Diateperapuncteur, or Dermatron.

You can download the owners manual from this link: Owners manual.

IKG Voll Diagnostics Device

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