The herbal tincture PARA-21® is prepared from non-toxic herbs:

  • Sunflower petals
  • Clove buds
  • Elecampane (horse-heal) roots
  • Roots of Carlina acanthifolia
  • Dried peach leaves


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PARA-21® is another great formula. It is with unparalleled efficacy. It works with big success with respect to all parasites so far encountered by us and registered by means of the Voll test, including protozoa, roundworms, common flukes, tapeworms, as well as the new parasite Funis vermis.

PARA-21® destroys parasitic cysts in the liver and the spleen. The tincture is superior to PARA-7® for treatment of:

  • Fish tapeworm,
  • Schistosoma and
  • Malaria.

This makes the product competitive internationally too as an anti-malaria means.

All the herbal ingredients of PARA-21® are allowed for use in Europe. These are non-toxic herbs: roots of Carlina acanthifolia, dried sunflower petals, cloves, roots of horse-heal and dried peach leaves. This herbal blend is steeped in 40º ethanol. It has excellent antiparasitic properties without excessive burden for the liver.

PARA-21® take in

The tincture PARA-21® has been marketed by Biobalance Ltd. since 2015 without a single complaint from patients to date. Of course, observance of prescribed doses is required. The product PARA–21® is to be taken as follows:

Adults, with body weight above 50 kg. Children above 3 years of age or adults with body weight below 50 kg.
2 times a day, 20 drops diluted in 50 ml of water 2 times a day, 3 drops for each 10 kg of body weight, diluted in a table spoon of water.

It is required to take the product regularly with no interruption within the course of intake, to cover the entire biological life cycle of parasites. One course must not exceed two packages of PARA-21®. One full course of two packages of PARA-21® must be followed by an interval of at least 30 days without taking the product.


PARA-21® is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 3 years, due to its stronger action compared to PARA-7®.


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